Sports Therapy

Exercise based interventions to promote healing and restore optimal function in athletes.​

Vestibular Therapy

A detailed assessment and history to let us help you identify the reason for your dizziness or vertigo. ​

Real-Time Ultrasound

Using a real-time ultrasound allows you visualize the deep core muscle system. This assists with training  and improving recruitment strategies. 

Blood Flow Restriction Training

Partially restricting blood flow to a limb during low load exercise creates a metabolic stress in the tissues which drives muscle growth. Traditionally muscle growth is driven through mechanical stressors (i.e. lifting heavy weights). If pain limits how much you can load, blood flow restriction training may be for you.​


Early detection and treatment within 7 days of a concussion is paramount for a quicker recovery and earlier return to sport. For more information please click on the link.​

Golf Assessement

A golf specific mobility and strength assessment by a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Physiotherapist. The assessment is designed to improve yardage and reduce pain. Book now to help improve your game today.​

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