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Courtney Boechler: physiotherapist

Courtney was born and raised in Summerland. She graduated with a Masters in Physiotherapy from the University of Queensland in 2016. As a new graduate, she worked with two titled Sports Physiotherapists in Alice Spring before to returning to Canada. She is certified in the Integrative Systems Model of care and was mentored by its founder, Diane Lee. Most recently she worked at Delta Health and Performance including the Delta Wild Hockey Academy. She had the pleasure of treating elite hockey players of all ages and skill level. Through Delta Health she became a consultant Physiotherapist for the local NHL, WHL and AHL players during the COVID shutdown and their off-seasons.

Kirk Boechler:

Kirk graduated from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia with a Masters degree in Physiotherapy in 2016. During his time in Australia, he worked in the remote town of Alice Springs and its surrounding communities. With only one physiotherapy clinic in 1000 km2, he serviced many remote indigenous communities for weeks at a time. His time in Australia exposed him to a wide variety of caseloads ranging from post-operative patients, athletes, stroke and chronic pain.

In more recent years Kirk undertook a mentorship position with Diane Lee in South Surrey becoming well versed in the Integrated Systems Model. This has become a foundational aspect of how he assesses and treats patients.

Kirk continues evolve as a therapist by taking a variety postgraduate training courses to help expedite results. Such training includes, dry needling, vestibular and concussion rehabilitation, and golf specific assessment.

Kirk is passionate about working with amateur athletes, weekend warriors as well people pursuing a more active lifestyle no matter their fitness level. He strives to give patients the tools required to achieve their rehabilitation goals. He is focussed on having patients exceed their pre-injury form and get them back to what they are passionate about. 

Kirk has been involved in many sports his entire life and is firm believe in an active lifestyle. He currently stays active by playing soccer, hockey and golf. In his spare time he enjoys camping, hiking and travelling.

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